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  • Types of Vascular conditions to treat; Defuse redness, Rosacea and superficial broken capillaries, spider veins (Telangiectasia), redness from mild acne, small benign vascular birthmarks, smokers redness (vascular actinic)

  • Pulsed light, lamprobe and micro needling are NOT designed to treat leg capillaries or veins

  • Heat produced, coagulates the blood in these vessels. The body removes, breaks down and eliminates treated vessels. New vascular epithelial cells are formed and create new healthy vessels

  • Expect a light erythema on the skin. Vessels may look smudged, blurred, blanched or change colour

  • Results may vary

  • Downtime may vary according to persons and area treated and which system is used - anything from 1 hour to 1 week

  • Consultations are free

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