Takapuna Ipl & skin  Clinic

For beauty inside and out

At Takapuna IPL & Skin Clinic we offer specialised beauty therapy you can afford




  • IPL heat may resonate in the skin for 1 hour or more after the treatment

  • Photo-granulation occurs, the body eliminates damaged cells and the remaining cells migrate to the upper layers of the epidermis where they slough and shed naturally. This process can take from 2 to 4 weeks

  • 1 or more treatments may be needed to achieve desired results

  • Light erythema on treated are to be expected, pigment darkens after about 20 min. Skin must be well protected from the sound post treatment and always

  • Consultations are free - your therapist will answer all your questions and advise a treatment plan

  • AVOID Sun, hot water, sun beds, swimming pools and exercise after treatments


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