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Tattoo Removal FAQs and Info

  • Laser as well as chemical tattoo removal will lighten the tattoo significantly - however, the tattoo may not completely disappear.

  • Multiple treatments will be necessary, the amount will vary person to person and tattoo to tattoo. Superficial ink can take 2-4 sessions. Professional deeper inks can take up to 10 treatments or more. Coloured inks i.e. red, green, yellow may propose challenges. Ink keeps fading over time.

  • 8 Week intervals recommended between treatments for skin to heal.

  • Tannic Acid is used in Micropigment tattoo removal. The concentration and amounts used are safe with no side effects reported.

  • Be aware that scar tissue does occur with tattooing. Tattoo removal will not necessarily influence this pre-existing factor in any way. Individuals must state if they are prone to keloid scarring. Micro needling - Dermapen, can rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance of the scar - ask your therapist for recommendations.

  • Anaesthetic can be used with these procedures

  • Downtime; Heat can resonate in the skin from 1 to 24 hours. Scabbing will occur with the skins natural healing process.




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